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Design 152

We have now completed the basics for this new design and we are now in the process of drawing up the DXF files for laser cutting.

This is quite a challenge – not so much in drawing the files, though there are lots of them and they require quite a bit of thought – but more in keeping track of which bits go where. In a typical frame for example there are 10 to 20 pieces, depending on the size of the frame. And these are all nested in with all sorts of other pieces for the most economical use of material. So we also have to develop a simple numbering system which tells the builder exactly where each piece belongs.

We also have to mark where structure and furniture components interact. Because we are probably going to build the furniture and the frames and floors the right way up, then roll the whole structure over to skin the hull. And then roll it back to complete.

When I was building aluminium hulls, we built them upside down. This was with yachts up to about 30m – 100'. The first thing we laid on the building jig was the coachroof, coachroof coamings and then the deck plating. Then the frames were stood in place and the keel envelope constructed; finally the hull was skinned. And then the hull turned over to have the insides installed. This is a similar, somewhat counter-intuitive process, though on a smaller scale.

We haven't discussed possibly laying the deck first on this project yet ......

The good thing about challenges is that they keep one young in heart.



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