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Design 165

The drawings for this design are proceeding steadily. Plenty of study plans are available on the Plans page of the design.

At the moment I am concentrating on the Laminated Frame, Doghouse version. Pretty much all the plans needed to build the hull and cockpit are now on site.

Many of the plans suit all versions – Saloon and Doghouse; Laminated and Ply Sandwich. The plans also suit either a cold-moulded or a ply lapstrake hull. Sail plans for Gaff Cutter, Gaff Sloop, and Gaff Yawl with a lug mizzen will be available.

The boat would also work very well with a cat rig, probably with a lug mizzen. I will be taking that into consideration when designing the rudder – cat rigs usually need larger rudders because they get unbalanced more readily.

Before drawing the interior furniture plans, I will take time out to write up the construction instructions.

Plans for ply sandwich frame and backbone construction, together with CNC files will follow.

I'm happy to say that the design is proving remarkably popular!



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