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CNC files for Design 055

I'm happy to say that CNC cutting files for Design 055 are now complete and available for download on the site here.

The files are in DXF format at full size; 1/10th scale PDF images of each are included so that both builder and the cutting facility know what they should look like. DXF is a numerical representation of the actual CAD drawings and if you open a DXF file you will most likely get a files with a string of numbers – hence the PDF files to allow you to see what is going on!

The DXF files include new ply sandwich style frames, made from three layers of 6mm ply. So the new frames are slightly narrower than the original laminated frames (18mm instead of 20mm); but they are 30mm deep, compared to the 25mm depth of the laminated frames. The aft faces of the frames are in the same place as the aft faces of the laminated frames.

The transom is three layers of 6mm, resulting in an 18mm transom, the same as originally. The fashion pieces and sternpost are also made of three layers of 6mm ply, which makes them also 18mm, compared with 15mm for the original.

Builders will need to make two minor changes to the building jig. The post for Frame -640 will need to be 2mm wider, so that its aft face is at -622 instead of -620.

And the post to support the transom will need to be 3mm thinner (42mm instead of 45mm) to allow for the extra 3mm transom+sternpost thickness – or simply move the post 3.5mm forward.

The files also include parts for new watertight compartments: one each side under the sidedecks, running from Frame -1280 through to the transom; and the whole area under the foredeck ahead of Frame -1280.

All ply sheet components (deck panels, watertight partitions) that cannot be cut from a single sheet of ply have our proprietary finger-joint system so they can be pre-assembled and bonded together off the boat.

We will be adding supplementary instructions to cover the changes.



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