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More Design 155

Almost always in the process of designing a new boat one hits a snag of one sort or another.

When I design I carry the concept somewhere in my head – I guess because basically I'm useless at sketching things out on paper.

And I also suppose the "snag" is a bit of the concept that I have chosen subconsciously to ignore.

With Design 155, it is the outboard well! I wanted right from the start to be able to have the outboard in a well inside the boat, rather than outboard on the transom. It has always been part of the concept. But somehow, for some reason, my mental picture of the boat didn't really include this.

It has taken me at least a week to figure out a reasonable scheme. Not a week of constant work of course, but a week of leaving the design and then coming back to it, time and time again. Until that was sorted, the rest of the design simply came to a halt.

The solution that I have arrived at looks, and is, quite simple. And I've done something similar lots of times before. So I truly don't know why it took so long or seemed such a barrier to overcome.

Now I know what I want to do I am really impatient to get it drawn. That is the other thing I find about a snag – once it is solved, actually getting it drawn and finished never seems to go fast enough!


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