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Not all airlines are created equal

We were flying to England from New York on the 18th December, but our flight was cancelled because of the disruption at Heathrow.

We were flying Virgin Atlantic, which we usually do. The first flight Virgin could get us on was 24th December from Boston, or the 26th December from JFK; we chose Boston, arriving at Heathrow early christmas morning.

Not for us the floor of the airport. Virgin put us up at a good airport hotel for six days and paid for the hotel, all our meals and reasonable expenses. Certainly at New York and Boston, they did this for all their many hundreds of stranded passengers. Virgin's staff were consistently friendly, helpful and sensible of our needs and problems.

We didn't have special tickets or anything – we were traveling economy and we had bought them with the tail end of frequent flyer miles plus a small cash top-up.

The bad airlines (and major names at that), who, when the chips are down, pretty much abandon their customers are the ones that make the headlines.

Well I think it's time someone put their head above the parapet and said "Well done Virgin – you treated your passengers responsibly and decently – Thank You!"

Why travel with an airline which is going to let you down when the going gets tough, when for the same price you can travel with a decent one which is going to look after you properly?

Merry christmas and a happy new year!


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