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Listening to the BBC World Service discussing the cuts in World Service broadcasting that are coming as a part of the British Governments austerity program, got me thinking about the inequality of the whole process.

However you do it, cuts in publicly funded programs and services inevitably affect the less well off more than they do the better off.

So Higher Education costs are forecast to rise, which would largely destroy the principle of universality based on aptitude and achievement, and set us back on the grim path of education based on wealth.

The BBC, and particularly the World Service, is possibly the last bastion of reasonably informed and unbiased news and information left to us, with a worldwide coverage of affairs, the arts, sport, politics, science and just about everything else. The thought of being down to, say, Fox News for our information is frankly terrifying.

Ok, I know Value Added Tax (in the UK) is zero on food and children's clothing, but the less well off have to buy things other than food and children's clothes, so a rise in VAT from 17.5% to 20% hits them just as it does the better off; except of course they are less able to pay the extra cost, so suffer disproportionally.

All this might be worthwhile if it hadn't been caused by a bunch of greedy political and financial nincompoops who are doing just fine after the government bailed them out with our tax money. So in fact the poor bailed out the rich when they got into a bit of a problem.

Who is going to bail out the poor? No-one of course: they are simply improvident and undeserving and could do better if only they would pull themselves up by their bootstraps ...


I know this is an older comment from you but do you feel things have changed?

In Florida (where I live) the votors elected a businessman that should read ruthless man. His plan for saving money is to let statew workers go, cut education funds to the point proffessors and teachers are laid of cut medical care for the poor and turn away federal funds that would have created hundreds of jobs (high speed rail)

I dont think I will vote for another business man especialy one such as Mr. Trump.

Thinking of moving to a Central America coastal nation that wont kill Americans because they are Americans. Puerto Rico?
Date posted: Friday, 13 May 2011 | posted by: mikemitchell

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