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Exciting times!

I am finally on a roll!

We have, at long last, managed to get the first drawings for Design 140 converted and loaded up. We have several more in the pipeline over the next few days. And we will be putting the lines of the boat online and the Table of Offsets – so anyone who wishes can do the laying off (lofting) from scratch.

The current set of plans are the drawings for the classical carvel version which is built on steam-bent timbers. Drawings for a wood/epoxy version on laminated frames with a cold-moulded hull will follow.

The design is free. Anyone, who registers on the site, can download the plans and build a boat from them. And they can be distributed freely, provided that the copyright is acknowledged. Support for this design is given via the Forum, where I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.

Turning to another design, No. 067, where we have been having a few problems, I am pleased to say these are all solved now and all the instructions and drawings download. There is one exception: the Engine Layout Plan. We actually never drew this; we planned to but we didn't. The reason was that it didn't seem to add anything new, that wasn't already adequately covered in the existing plans and the instructions. We will re-visit this to see if it is in fact a valid plan, and if so, we will draw it up and put it on the site.

We have celebrated by adding a couple of recipes as well – cooking is an ongoing pleasure for me.



Hi George,

I downloaded the available 140 plans a day or so ago and wondered why there were no lines and offsets. Now I know, having discovered your blog. I look forward to getting hold of them. How long do you think?


Date posted: Wednesday, 25 Nov 2009 | posted by: Narimwi

Oh – a few days – I'm just tweaking the back end slightly so that the diagonals run a little fairer.

The “problem” with a computer generated design is that it is totally honest – the designer can't fair individual lines (diagonals, buttocks etc) and persuade himself or herself that they all belong to the same boat. I can't tell you how many boats I have laid off over the years where the diagonals, for example, really only had a peripheral connection to the other lines!

Apart from interest, you don't always need the lines because we extract all the dimensions and bevels from them on the computer. Really, nowadays, the lines are a product of the design, rather than the pre-cursor of the design.

Having said that I love a lines plan – I like the look of them and the feel of them. And of course if you are wanting to find the shape of something that we haven’t drawn, then you do need them.

Cheers -- George
Date posted: Wednesday, 25 Nov 2009 | posted by: debenriver

Thanks George,

Look forward to them.


Date posted: Tuesday, 01 Dec 2009 | posted by: Narimwi

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