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Posted: Dec 26th, 2008 at 16:22   |   Subject: Introduction
In 1936 my father commissioned William Maxwell Blake to design a 20' gaff cutter for the yard to build. This design he called the Deben 4-Tonner and over 40 of these splendid little boats were built. Attractive, seaworthy and sea kindly, they remain justly popular today. The 4-Tonner was followed by a 6-Tonner which, though sharing her smaller sister's attractive features, never became quite so popular.

A few years ago I transcribed the original 4-Tonner lines on to our computer design programs. And from that original design we developed the Deben 5-Tonner, to be built in modern wood-epoxy construction. For various reasons, the detail design never progressed much beyond the construction drawings.

We are now proposing to release this design as freeware, in stages as it is completed. This basically means that any registered member may download the plans at no cost and build a boat from them. The terms of the license will not permit commercial distribution or resale of the plans, nor will it permit commercial construction of yachts built to the plans. Other than that members will be free to use the plans as they wish, discuss them, modify them, re-issue them on a personal website and so on.

We are not intending to issue complete detailed building instructions with this design. Rather, a series of Building Notes will appear with each drawing, or set of drawings, which will discuss the thinking behind the drawings and the building methods that we would recommend.

We thought to use a Forum type format for the Building Notes so that members can comment and discuss the designs as we go along.

It will probably be several weeks before we can seriously get started on this project.

I hope our members will find the project insightful and interesting - even though they may not want to actually build this boat.