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Posted: Oct 7th, 2009 at 14:18   |   Subject: Mrs Ranzo class
Hi,I think I have a Mrs Ranzo Class yacht.I bought it last year and have been forlornly trying to gain any information on it,or its designer I believe a William Maxwell Blake.I would like to do some restoration and would really appreciate a pointer towards any information or even some plans or drawings.I believe she was built in 1937 at Woodbridge but I cannot be sure ,she has no number or stanmp that I can see.Thankyou for your time.Desmond Cullen
Posted: Oct 9th, 2009 at 12:53   |   Subject: Mrs Ranzo class
She was most likely built at Robertsons Boatyard. Unfortunately they don't have much useful information as a previous owner of the yard "cleared out" all the older records. Sharp and Penn also built from a shed on the Robertson site in the 30's, but they are long since defunct. Whisstocks did not build any Mrs Ranzo class boats.

We did build quite a few boats to Maxwell Blakes' designs, notably the Deben 4-tonners and the Deben 6-tonners and several one-offs like Mirelle. The current owner of Mirelle is is Andrew Craig-Bennett – he posts a lot on You can contact him through that forum – he might have more information about Blake.

There is (or was at one time) a Maxwell Blake association you might try:

Maxwell Blake Association, 22 Angel Lane, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 4NG E-mail:

Finally -- if she was registered, there should be an Official Number and Registered Tonnage carved on a main beam -- often the beam at the fore end of the saloon. If you contact the Registrar of British Ships they should be able to give you what information they hold, which will include the builder and so on. There is a contact form at:

Hope this helps -- let me know how you get on!