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Posted: Mar 19th, 2012 at 23:46   |   Subject: New to Naja's
Last summer I bought a 'project' off ebay and discovered it was a Naja 30. I have replaced the decks and topsides and re-configured the cockpit design - basically I have squared off the cockpit sides and added coamings to make it a drier boat for cruising. I wanted a ply boat to restore as I enjoyed building Mirrors as a boy. I am hoping to get her in the water in June this year and am looking forward to sailing her. It looks a fast boat. So I am keen to hear from owners on her capabilities and any advice would be gratefully received. The boat is in the boatyard at Bristol Marina should anyone wish to call in.
Posted: Mar 22nd, 2012 at 08:28   |   Subject: New to Naja's
Hi Martin

It's good to hear that a Naja is being restored. They are great boats and they are indeed very fast and capable seaboats. Do you know which one yours is? Original name or Boat Number?

Funny about the cockpit – when we built the first Naja I was very concerned that the cockpit would be too exposed. Our maiden trip was across the North Sea to Amsterdam in really very rough conditions indeed – normally I wouldn't have gone to sea in such bad weather, but we were very pressed for time to get the boat to a boat show. I was really amazed at how dry and comfortable the cockpit was. So we made the decision to keep to the original design. I have to say it still "feels" exposed even if experience has demonstrated that it isn't. So I am wholly in sympathy with your decision to make some changes!

You might like to post your Naja news and photos on:

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Jack has sailed his Naja around the world, probably several times by now! He is currently cruising in Eastern Europe. You can sign up to receive email updates from him too, which are really interesting.

I would like to have some photos too, if you get the chance.

Best regards