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Posted: Jun 19th, 2012 at 09:17   |   Subject: junk rig
Hi George, procrastination is the sign of a totally novice wouldbe boat builder.I even have difficulty reading your well set out plans for 123,but buying dxf files could help in that direction.Can i put junk rig on her? Cheers Brian Chisholm
Posted: Jun 22nd, 2012 at 11:47   |   Subject: junk rig
Um ... there is no intrinsic reason why you can't fit a junk rig to Design 123. There would be some changes to make of course.

Usually with a small boat, a junk rig is an unstayed mast well forward - like a cat rig in fact. That isn't much of a problem – we would just beef up Frame -450 – or maybe add an additional frame close by and set the mast between them. We would also need to add a little extra structure in the surrounding deck area.

The existing mast frame -2115 can revert to a normal frame.

I think I would retain the mizzen probably as a balanced lugsail pretty much as current. This would give better control under some conditions.

Modern junk rigs tend to use cambered panels in the bottom part of the sail, though plenty of people still prefer the Blondie Hasler/Jock McCloud style sails with conventional flat panels – sacrificing some windward performance for simplicity.

I think we might also need to look at the rudder – junk rigs need a plenty big enough rudder to give control when the sail is squared off. Because of the shallow draught, we don't have a huge amout of rudder area without the blade being lowered - so we might need to beef this all up a bit.

Depending on where the Centre of Effort of the rig ended up, we might need to adjust the position of the centre case/centreboard to keep the balance right.

This sounds a lot! None of it is horrible and it would be an interesting modification.