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Posted: Oct 15th, 2011 at 00:49   |   Subject: Design 074 Laminated Frame Changes
Hi, George. About a month ago I sent you an email with some questions on Design 074. Haven't heard from you so I thought I might not have received your reply. So I thought I would post it here. Let me know if you have any new info. Thanks.


On 9/14/11 Kim said:
I like the idea of building using laminated frames. I noticed in your July 2009 announcement on “Design 074 Laminated Frames and Alternative Cockpit”, you discussed a few items still to come:
Building jig plans
Center case supports
Outboard well modification
New alternative cockpit layout
New interior layout, including furniture cutout changes

Have you made any progress on these items since this 2009 announcement? If not, is it possible to at least look at some sketches of what you had in mind for the cockpit and interior?
Posted: Oct 18th, 2011 at 12:10   |   Subject: Design 074 Laminated Frame Changes
I am sorry – I must have missed your email somehow.

I haven't completed the other changes to No. 074 yet. I will try to get them done during the next few weeks so that you see what is involved.

Principally, I was thinking of making the cockpit into a traditional cockpit well with seats and exploring using the space under one of the seats as a quarterberth, and the other seat as cockpit lockers.

Also, because the laminated frames are different depth and siding, existing components have to be changed so that the cutouts for the frames are adjusted etc.

Hope this helps. And once again, sorry for not replying to your earlier email.


Posted: Oct 22nd, 2011 at 21:14   |   Subject: Design 074 Laminated Frame Changes
Hi, George. No problem. I thought you probably missed it. Looking back, I should have posted my question here anyway, so your reply could be shared by others.

I'm not sure what you mean by "making the cockpit into a traditional cockpit well with seats". Do you mean enclosed seats and not open to the cockpit beneath? I hope you don't mean you are eliminating the outboard motor well which I like a lot!

On "using the space under one of the seats as a quarterberth", I know that is often designed in small trailerable boats to increase the number that can sleep aboard. I have had two "plastic" trailerables with quarterberths. In my experience they are never used. It just ends up being a very inconvenient storage space, and it's a real pain to have to crawl aft to find the things that are lost back there. I think if you were to redesign it this way, I would still build storage under both cockpit seats and be happy with the double-bunk forward.

Thanks again for your reply. No rush on this. I know you will get it done before I start making sawdust. Let me know how it's going. I hope your plate is full, but only with fun things you want to do ;-)

Posted: Oct 23rd, 2011 at 16:09   |   Subject: Design 074 Laminated Frame Changes
Hi, George. One thing I forgot to mention in my last post ....

Back in January 2010 when I first discovered your designs, I asked about adding something to support the spars during trailering. You said "It would be very easy to make a cross-gallows to sit in the cockpit; then the spars would store horizontally when trailering. I haven't actually produced a plan for this, but I would be happy to add it."

At the risk of imposing on you too much, it would be a great help if you could add this to the plans as well.

Thanks, again!

Posted: Oct 25th, 2011 at 11:05   |   Subject: Design 074 Laminated Frame Changes
With regard to the cockpit well I did indeed mean one where the cockpit seats/lockers are enclosed from the cockpit – so the well itself is smaller and the seats rather larger.

The outboard well will remain.

I rather like quarterberths! All my childhood (well not quite all) was spent sailing a couple of family yachts, both of which had a pair of quarterberths. They were cosy and secure and more importantly for me, suffering as I do from seasickness, they were about the best place to be at sea, when off-watch. I'm sure both my sister and I stored our treasures down at the foot of them too!

Anyway – the earlier plans will still be there so builders will get more choice. Most of my designs have come from designing specifically for demand from builders. As with most designers I guess I dream occasionally about designing my own 'perfect' boat – of course one never gets around to it – which is probably a good thing.

I will remember to add a boom support to the plans!

Posted: Nov 2nd, 2011 at 13:59   |   Subject: Design 074 Laminated Frame Changes
Thanks, George. I am really looking forward to seeing these drawings. I appreciate your efforts.

Posted: Jan 6th, 2012 at 16:26   |   Subject: Design 074 Laminated Frame Changes
Hi, George. Just checking in to find out status of drawing changes and additional drawings we discussed here back in November 2011. No big rush. Just interested in an update. Thanks.

Posted: Jan 23rd, 2012 at 13:36   |   Subject: Design 074 Laminated Frame Changes
My "reply in 24 hours" seems to be going through a bad patch. Sorry for that.

I still haven't managed to get around to completing the other modifications to do with the frame changes. They will happen however.

I must be getting like the Mills of God – grinding exceeding fine but extremely slow!