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Posted: Apr 14th, 2011 at 17:57   |   Subject: wood choice
We are building the 055! Do you have suggestions for wood type for t he laminated frames? Is there a lumber discussion in the plans? We didn't see it. We are in Virginia, so UK local types would probably not be available. Thanks!
Posted: Apr 15th, 2011 at 07:27   |   Subject: wood choice
Yes you can use many locally available timbers. Douglas Fir is very suitable, or a variety of pines. There is a discussion of this under the menu Discussions – FAQ's – Construction Questions.

The great thing about wood-epoxy boatbuilding is that it has made available to us a wide range of "non-durable" timbers that were previously considered unsuitable for traditional boatbuilding. The downside is that some of the traditional timbers are in fact NOT very suitable for wood-epoxy – Teak (too oily), Oak (too much tannin), Pitchpine (too much resin) being among them, or if you need to use them, you have to take special precautions.

As always try to choose clean timber, free from loose or large knots and relatively straight-grained. And, most important of all, keep the moisture content below 12%.

Enjoy building 055 – and have fun sailing her!