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Posted: Aug 22nd, 2009 at 21:05   |   Subject: Design 073 – Other Construction Options
Design 073 has perhaps been built in more ways than any of our other designs.

The dinghy was originally designed for ply lapstrake on temporary moulds. Once the hull is built, transverse structure is provided by the three thwart assemblies and the temporary moulds are removed. This is by far the most popular construction method for this boat.

Several boats have been built with a cold-moulded skin on four simple laminated frames. The skin structure consists of an inner skin of cedar strip, with two diagonal khaya veneers applied over it. This mimics conventional cold-moulded construction for larger boats. And, as such, is a valuable "practice run" for building a bigger yacht.

There is also absolutely no reason why the cold moulded hull shouldn't be built on the temporary moulds, instead of laminated frames. And in fact the diagonal veneers can be omitted – replace them with a reasonably heavy glass cloth (say about 450 g/sq m). Or, simply make the strip planking a little thicker (say 10mm), make a good job of it and WEST™ it thoroughly.

We have now added the cold-moulded/laminated frames version to the design plans. Builders can easily interpolate between the original and this version to produce the skin/frame system that they fancy!

The boat has also been built in traditional clinker on steam bent timbers. It has been built in solid larch lapstrake planking on (larch) laminated frames - using all native (English) timbers. And it has been built entirely of veneer on a male plug.

We can add these construction plans to the design should a builder wish for them.