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Posted: Jul 7th, 2009 at 19:58   |   Subject: Is this record?
Hi George
Not content with being the proud owner of one GW designed yacht, I am now the the proud owner of two GW designed yachts!. In addition to David B, my design no. 119, built by Paul Randall, I have just purchased Moonfleet, design no. 012, built by the late Maurice Bess. So I wonder, is owning two GW craft at one time a record? Moonfleet is in excellent condition, but has not been afloat for at least 5 years. In a couple of weeks I will collect her from Wareham and trailer her to Waldringfield, where she will have to wait until next season to take up her new deep water swinging mooring. As I can't afford to keep both boats, David B will be up for sale, so if you know anyone who might like her, please pass on my contact details.
Along with Moonfleet came all the plans and correspondence between Maurice and yourself, regarding the construction, fascinating to a non-builder such as I. You said you would forward a sketch for additional ballast fitting for d.119, if you could get round to this I would be most grateful.
Hope you are enjoying the summer, best regards, Richard Elkan
Posted: Jul 9th, 2009 at 00:41   |   Subject: Is this a record
Well, apart from Paul Randall (who doesn't count really does he?) I think it might be! Although the original builder of No. 146 also had built the gaff dinghy No. 073 - but the footage doesn't add up to so much does it!

What a coincidence this is -- I have just finished converting all the original 012 drawings to web format and re-writing all my letters to Maurice as building instructions, ready to put on the website. I am so sorry to learn that Maurice is no longer with us - I never met him but I liked him a real lot from our correspondence over the years. He made a beautiful job of building her - a delight for me and for him I hope.

I am so glad that his boat has found a great new home. She is a lovely small cruising boat. So I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with her and enjoy great sailing.

I haven't forgotten about the lead ballast for David B - it's written on my to-do list on my desk. I'll try to get it done this week.

Was the Classic Yacht Club Regatta good?

The summer here in Maine has been solid rain for the last four or five weeks - we saw a glimpse of the sun yesterday but that's about it. I haven't seen the harbour for days - just the ghostly hoot of the foghorn on the end of the breakwater. The windjammers must be having a horrible season.

I'd love some photos of the interior of Moonfleet when you have a moment - I lost all mine that Maurice sent me.

By all means put an Adv. for David B on the forum