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Posted: Jan 19th, 2016 at 11:50   |   Subject: Design 044 Hull Number 6 - Miss Elle
Hi there, we just recently purchased (feb 2015) "Miss Elle". Currently she is moored in Croatia and has since gone through a partial refit including a change out of some of the running rigging, sand blast and refinish of her hull below the water line. Servicing of Sails, Life rafts, various pumps being replaced and servicing of engines and generators and all the usual stuff that you expect to encounter. However, after trolling through the rather poorly organised documentation we were unable to find the drawings for the vessel for reference. I have downloaded the sample pdf's that you have posted on your website but i wondered if it was possible to acquire some cad files so that I can explore some modifications to the interior and also understand some of the construction aspects of the vessel such as mast step and steering gear as well as being able to develop a system wiring diagram within the Cad for ease of reference.
I have loads of pictures of her if you are interested. We love her dearly and are just about ready to start exploring the world this year with a mediterranean excursion then through the suez canal down to Egypt and Sudan. We are putting in dive compressor and various other updates to support our refun (retire is so final) program and then later on back up to the mediterranean and from there who knows where.
One challenge i have is the navigation station in its current design is virtually impossible to lay out even a folded chart so I would welcome some suggestions on how to modify this area to make a little more space. Again i have photos to illustrate my dilemma if you are interested in exploring a solution.
Posted: Jan 20th, 2016 at 14:22   |   Subject: Design 044 Hull Number 6 - Miss Elle
Hello Guy

It is good to hear that you are the new owners of Miss Elle. I would love to have some photos of her. The easiest is to attach them to an email -

The boat had a slightly mixed start in life, in that the original build was for sail training and the company building her lost their funding and were unable to complete, though she was pretty close to completion. She was then, some years later, completed by the owner previous to you (I assume). I did some work for him, including designing the inclining test and preparing the stability booklet; and redesigning the ballast keel to allow for the increased weight of the new fit-out.

There are complete building plans for the original concept, including of course all the structures, but also including the interior furniture units, electrical, plumbing and ventilation schematics, engineering drawings etc etc. – probably about 230 plans in all, together with specifications, build notes etc.

Of these, the interior furniture units are likely to be of less interest because she now has a somewhat different interior, for which I didn't draw the plans. The electrical, plumbing, ventilation and other systems' plans are probably reasonably accurate as pretty much all this work was done and so I would think that the systems were modified, rather than torn out and re-done – but I don't know this for sure. And the trouble with half-accurate systems plans is that they can lead you astray, unless they have been carefully marked up as modified!

The boat was designed in 1993 and the plans span a couple of years while she was building. The CAD program (ClarisCAD) that I used then is now obsolete. I can still run it on legacy Mac's, or on modern Mac's under emulation of older systems. When I want to use one of the ClarisCAD files on my current CAD system, I translate it to a DXF file and then open it in the current program.

This isn't a perfect solution because the translation isn't perfect and I have to do quite a bit of manipulation to make them readable – the bones of the drawing get translated very accurately (though at slightly odd scales), but things like labelling, arrows, backgrounds and so on don't do very well, so there is quite a bit of work to get them to a good readable condition. We are looking at computer files that are over 20 years old and that is a long time in computing!

I can save any of the original files to PDF format, which is what I do to make them downloadable. Most of the plans are a slightly odd size, in that they were printed on 15" wide roll paper directly from the CAD program; some are A1 or A0 and were issued as plots. I usually re-arrange them to suit A-series paper sizes.

I understand your need to have plans of the boat and I would be happy to help with this. There are the following options:

1. The simplest (for me) is for you to obtain and run an operating version of ClarisCAD v2.03. This can often be downloaded freely from sites like Macintosh Garden. ClarisCAD runs well on modern macs under emulation (like SheepShaver – which is entirely free), or on older pre-intel macs with Classic (system 9) installed. You can buy these pretty cheaply now on eBay etc.

2. Substantially more complex and time consuming for me would be to translate the files you wanted to DXF format, then correct them and then save them again as DXF or DWG. You could then open them in most CAD programs.

3. Or I could make the PDF files available to you, saving them directly from the original ClarisCAD files at their original sizes. The disadvantage of this is of course, that you can't modify them meaningfully as you can a CAD drawing.

I would have to make a charge for any of these options, but I would try to keep this reasonable.

I think the best thing to do, if you want to proceed any further, is for me to give you a list of the available plans and then you can select which you think may be of interest. Then we can take it from there.

It's probably easier to do this by email if that's OK with you

Best regards