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Posted: Jun 29th, 2014 at 09:13   |   Subject: Cutting lists (2)?
Reading replies about wood, seems producing cutting lists is a painfully boring job, and I can see that it might be a job that is of doubtful help if it lists thousands of individual parts. I have found though that the cheapest way of acquiring timber for boats is to order complete tree trunks cut through and through with one square edge. You can season this 'in-stick'at home and cut out parts at leisure. It does take time for the timber to dry. and very thick sections can take a year or more. I've found that if you partially,half air dry planks then run it through a planer to a little thicker than wanted, and re-stack it, it then dries far more rapidly without splitting.You do get a lot of waste (wane edges, knots, splits etc), and these cut-offs make almost free firewood for the stove. I would like to know what is the thickness of the largest solid piece of wood used in design 165.I can then order the sawmill to cut a variety of thicknesses up to a maximum section of that used.