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Design 037 – List of Plans and Instructions

Instructions & Specifications
Instruction Book 1 Introduction, Setting Out, Making the Thwart Assemblies and Transom.
Instruction Book 2 Mast step, Jig, Setting up thwart assemblies, Making the apron, Making the stem, Making the keel, Fitting the gunwhale.
Instruction Book 3 Planking the hull, Floors, Dagger board and case, Rudder and fittings, Quarter and stem knees, Floor boards, Sundry items.
Instruction Book 4 Making the spars, Spar fittings, Rigging, Oars.
Specifications Basic Specification – WEST™ Fact Sheet – Cutting List
037/002/10 Setting-Out Grid
037/003/01 Longitudinal Structures - Plan View
037/003/02 Longitudinal Structures - Profile View
037/003/03 Building Jig
037/004/01 Forward Thwart
037/004/02 Forward Thwart – Detail
037/004/03 Mid Thwart
037/004/04 Mid Thwart – Detail
037/004/05 Aft Thwart - Transom
037/004/06 Aft Thwart – Bulkhead
037/004/07 Floors
037/008/01 Rudder and Tiller 1
037/008/02 Rudder and Tiller 2
037/009/01 Centrecase
037/009/02 Daggerboard
037/011/01 Sail plan
037/011/02 Mast
037/011/03 Boom and gaff
037/020/01 Oars