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Recently I have issued corrections to drawings for both Design 055 and 073.

On Design 055 there were a couple of incorrect dimensions on the Jig drawing; the current drawing 055/003/04 i03 is the corrected issue.

On Design 073, there were not any dimensional errors but some of the drawings were mis-labeled in the title boxes. These have also been corrected.

I am very grateful to builders who point these errors out to me, so that I can correct them.

I make the point in the instructions with every design that if something seems wrong it may not be you, the builder, at fault or not understanding – it can just as easily be me who is in error. There are literally thousands and thousands of pieces of data that go into even quite a small design and errors do creep in however careful one tries to be. And self-checking everything is never very easy.

So please do let me know if something seems wrong, inconsistent or unclear.



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