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Posted: Oct 17th, 2015 at 22:03   |   Subject: More on CAD files
George: Reading a few of the posts it looks as though you have developed the 5tonner as a CAD model. If so, do you have the files in a generic form (IGES or STEP files)?
Posted: Oct 18th, 2015 at 12:18   |   Subject: CAD Files
It is a several-step process.

1. The naval architecture is drawn in MaxSurf (Mac version - so quite old), in which I create all the 3-D surfaces that make up the basic hull, transom, deck, superstructure and keel; I also sometimes create an occasional 2-D flat surfaces, if they are angled (i.e. not a section, waterline, buttock or diagonal) – things like a flat, angled coachroof front for example.

2. Developed surfaces – lapstrake planking, decks, coachroof coamings and tops, and so on are then exported to a plate development program as a 3-D shape, so that I can extract the necessary 2-D flat plate that they can be cut from.

3. Other surfaces – bulkheads, frames, floors, cockpit parts, furniture components etc. are mostly exported directly from MaxSurf (as sections, buttocks or waterlines as appropriate).

4. 2-D surfaces from Step 2 and Step 3 are then imported into a 2-D CAD program (RealCADD), drawn and detailed and exported to PDF's, so they can be displayed, read and printed accurately on a wide variety of platforms.

My version of MaxSurf can export to IGES and DXF - I use DXF because RealCADD reads that well. It also reads DWG, but my MacSurf doesn't offer that. Same with the plate development program – it can export to wide variety of formats – I use DXF.

RealCADD can export to DWG and DXF (as well as many other non-CAD image files and PDF).

All the 2-D files intended for CNC cutting are exported as DXF (or DWG if requested). Everything else is presented in PDF.

So - to answer your question - yes the files are basically available in CAD format, but the only format common to all is DXF.

It all sounds a little complex but I have been designing a lot of years – longer than the average life of many CAD programs – so I have a bit of a mish-mash of programs!