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Posted: Mar 1st, 2010 at 15:13   |   Subject: thanks
Just wanted to thank you for all to see for the extremely fast response to my lost instuction pages. I worried when I got my new computer what I would lose luckily it was just those pages. (I think)

One general question . Can she be set up as a sloop without any changes to main structure?
Posted: Mar 3rd, 2010 at 20:00   |   Subject: thanks
Thank you for your nice comments.

You can rig her as a sloop without structural changes. But, because the genoa is larger than the jib, the masthead will need additional staying.

You will need masthead shrouds, preferably running through crosstrees just above the hounds, to new shroudplates in line with the mast.

You will need to rig running backstays from the masthead. They would have a wire part down to about 1700mm above the deck with a purchase (single and single and becket blocks) shackled to a new eyeplate near the deck edge astride Frame -3875. The fall from the bottom of the purchase would lead to a cleat on the cockpit coamings. You can rig these with little foreguy lines to pull the leeward runner back to the mast on a long tack.

You will retain the stemhead forestay and aft lower shrouds. The masthead forestay has to be a separate stay (it can't be as now, incorporated in the sail) and would set out on the bowsprit end. The bobstay and bowsprit shrouds are OK as is, but you need to be sure to set them everything up nice and tight.

It sounds a lot of hassle, but in reality it will be fine once it is all done. For convenience you would want to set the genoa on a roller furl gear.

I can draw a sail plan if this would help?