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Posted: Jul 7th, 2009 at 20:18   |   Subject: gaff sailing dinghy ?
Hi I am interested in buiding one of the sailing dinghy's. I would like to use it in near future as a tender for a 42-44 foot sailboat and in meantime have fun bulding it and day sailing. I currently sail a walkerbay 8 foot and get a lot of use from it but would like better performance and slightly bigger.
I believe design 73 looks like a evolution of design 37. Is this true and therefore a better choice?
Also I think I would prefer to build with cedar strip and glue frameless or coldmolded for reasons of weight reduction (albiet not as pretty). Weight consideration is important to me initially as a cartopper and later as a boat in davits. Can you provide plans for these boats built this way or a table of offsets I could laydown?
Thanks Brian (Western Canada)
Posted: Jul 9th, 2009 at 00:19   |   Subject: Gaff sailing dinghy

Well 073 is not really a development of 037 (even though the Design Nos. are the same reversed – which was pure chance!). She is a later design however and has proved much more popular. I think she would be ideal for your purposes. She is a great pulling dinghy, she carries well and is fun to sail if you fancy to do that from time to time - in fact she sails very well.

These boats have been built in almost every conceivable type of construction from traditional clinker on steam bent timbers to a diagonal veneer cold-molded hull. I do have plans for temporary moulds and a cedar strip hull. I would be happy to add them to the plans available on the website.

I also have the building instructions that go with the other constructions systems, but not exactly in a coherent format to put on the web. I would be happy to pop them on the site, but you would need to understand that there might be a few inconsistencies here and there.

I would always provide advice if anything were unclear -- which it might be!

Hope this helps.


Posted: Jul 9th, 2009 at 15:23   |   Subject: Gaff sailing dinghy
I would like to purchase the plans for design 073 with temporary moulds to do a edge glued frameless cedar strip hull. I will purchase the plans you have on line now to start initial planning and keep checking for updates re optional construction methods.
Thanks Brian
Posted: Jul 9th, 2009 at 16:08   |   Subject: Gaff sailing dinghy
Thanks for your order. I'll look the plans out and convert them to PDF's and put them on the site. You will be able to download them directly from your existing design portfolio.

Have fun building the dinghy.