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Posted: Jul 7th, 2016 at 08:14   |   Subject: deben 4 tonner - Janty
Hi, just to inform that I am now the owner of Janty (build number 140 I think). She is based at Newhaven, East Sussex. I bought her last year from Mr Terry Rowing where she was kept on a mooring at Mersea. It would be very nice to hear from anybody owning another Whissstock craft in my neck of the woods where a possibility of a social could be discussed....

Many thanks,

Brian "Jim" Skinner.
Posted: Jul 9th, 2016 at 23:21   |   Subject: deben 4 tonner - Janty

I've often seen pictures of Janty – but I don't actually know which Deben she is (because her name wasn't originally Janty).

What year was she built – do you know?

She isn't Yard no. 140 – that is a 16' Trawler boat for the Admiralty CP.8F/77735/41, November 1941. Yard Nos. 128 through 319 (with a few exceptions) were all wartime craft (Admiralty or War Office).

I hope she gives you many years os sailing pleasure...

Cheers -- George