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Design 165 – More Rocker posted in Design
Design 165 posted in Design
Happy New Year! posted in The Odd Word
First do no harm posted in The Odd Word
Design 165 posted in Design
Changes to Registering on the Site posted in News
New Design 165 posted in Design
Correction to Design 037 Drawing posted in Design
Fleetwood Shipwrecked posted in Design
First of the EasyBuild Range! posted in Design
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Design 165 – More Rocker

In finalizing the stability and ballast keel I added a little more rocker (curve) to the underwater profile, so that I could get the ballast keel where I wanted it.

This has resulted in changes to the following drawings:

165/003/001 – Profile. New plan is Issue 03.
165/003/005 – Stem. New plan is Issue 02.
165/005/001 – Centrecase. New plan is Issue 02.
165/005/002 – Centreboard. New plan is Issue 02.
165/005/004 – Centreboard Pivot. New plan is Issue 02.

It is important that builders download the new plans. For any builder who has laminated the old-style stem, there is a change drawing available to modify the final part of the stem and a special forward deadwood..

This now allows us to finalize the ballast keel, deadwoods, sail plan and rig.
Date posted: Tuesday, 03 Mar 2015 | Comments (0)

Design 165

I've just completed Instructions Book 2, which covers making the frames, floors, transom and the building jig – including setting everything up ready for fitting the shelves, laminating the hog, stem and keel, and skinning the hull.

Several builders are at least keeping pace with me or getting ahead of me as far as instructions go, using No. 119 instructions as a guide.

As I write the instructions there are several minor changes and corrections made to the drawings – builders please check for the latest issue Nos. Also, with these instructions I am making use of Timber, Tools, and Devices much more than previously – I have updated this several times recently and added new sections.

Timber, Tools and Devices can be downloaded under the "Articles" menu on the website, or as Plan 165/002/011 for builders of No. 165 – the two documents are exactly the same.
Date posted: Thursday, 29 Jan 2015 | Comments (0)

Happy New Year!

To all those building my designs, or interested in them, or just visiting this website my very best wishes for 2015.

Above all may it be peaceful and bring happiness, satisfaction and success in your endeavours.

Date posted: Wednesday, 24 Dec 2014 | Comments (0)

First do no harm

We are in England this year over the Thanksgiving celebration and working too hard to think about a special meal!

But as we approach the end of the year it always seems a good time to pause for reflection.

Being a humanist doesn't stop you enjoying the traditional aspects of Christmas, especially the music, a christmas tree, the giving of presents, and the celebration of family. After all a festival around the time of the winter solstice is probably as old as humanity itself.

And being a vegan vegetarian doesn't stop you making special food to celebrate – just different food.

At its core the vegan way of life can be summed up in the Latin phrase "Primum Non Nocere" – First Do No Harm. You try to look at everything you eat, everything you use and everything you do, from this perspective.

We share the Earth with many many thousands of other species and we all of us have this one life to live and enjoy.

As probably the most intelligent and certainly the most developed, of these species I think we have a special responsibility not to cause harm to, or shorten the lives of, any of them, including our own.


Date posted: Thursday, 27 Nov 2014 | Comments (0)

Design 165

The drawings for this design are proceeding steadily. Plenty of study plans are available on the Plans page of the design.

At the moment I am concentrating on the Laminated Frame, Doghouse version. Pretty much all the plans needed to build the hull and cockpit are now on site.

Many of the plans suit all versions – Saloon and Doghouse; Laminated and Ply Sandwich. The plans also suit either a cold-moulded or a ply lapstrake hull. Sail plans for Gaff Cutter, Gaff Sloop, and Gaff Yawl with a lug mizzen will be available.

The boat would also work very well with a cat rig, probably with a lug mizzen. I will be taking that into consideration when designing the rudder – cat rigs usually need larger rudders because they get unbalanced more readily.

Before drawing the interior furniture plans, I will take time out to write up the construction instructions.

Plans for ply sandwich frame and backbone construction, together with CNC files will follow.

I'm happy to say that the design is proving remarkably popular!

Date posted: Wednesday, 23 Jul 2014 | Comments (0)

Changes to Registering on the Site

I fiercely support web and internet freedom – but that doesn't make it any the less annoying when targeted by ill-intentioned persons, who, it seems to me, contribute nothing of value and in fact, just pilfer and waste everyone's time to no good purpose.

I have always tried to make our website as easy and user-friendly as possible. To this end, we only collect the barest minimum of data when you register (to buy a design, to post on the forum, to see the free designs and so on), and the process has been very simple.

Unfortunately, this has finally attracted the "spam bots" – automated programs designed to create fake accounts for the purposes of then sending spam. While this doesn't in any way reveal members email addresses or any other details, it does clutter up our web server and it does lead to the likelihood of the spam bots sending spam emails that look as if they come from a mail address at

So, reluctantly, I have made a couple of changes to the registration process:

Firstly, on the registration form, anyone new wishing to register will need to confirm that they are a real person. And secondly, instead of registering directly, they will now receive a confirmation email with an activation link to complete the registration – clicking the link completes the registration. Neither of these changes affect existing members.
Date posted: Wednesday, 02 Apr 2014 | Comments (0)

New Design 165

This originates from a stretched version of Design 119 but is now developed as a completely new design. The first plans are now becoming available with the complete set following over the next month or two.

Design 165Two basic versions will be available – a saloon version and a doghouse version. They both share much of the same structures, rig, deck layout and interior layout.

The doghouse version has a long doghouse which gives standing headroom in the galley, separate wc compartment and the main saloon.

This image shows the doghouse version sail and deck plan. The saloon and doghouse coamings are upright to give maximum interior space; the cockpit coamings twist out to about 10º to give added comfort in the cockpit.

The doghouse roof overhangs the cockpit by about 200mm (8") to give extra shelter in the cockpit – and a nice place to sit up against the main bulkhead.

Design 165The spacious, light and airy interior has a good galley, a separate toilet compartment, a convertible V-berth forward and a comfortable quarter berth aft. The table stores on the outside of the WC bulkhead and hinges down over the centrecase.

With good standing headroom in the doghouse version, she will make a viable live-aboard small cruising boat as well as a great traditional style sailboat for holidays and weekends.

More details of both versions are under the Pocket Cruiser section – Design No. 165.
Date posted: Sunday, 16 Mar 2014 | Comments (0)

Correction to Design 037 Drawing

Drawing No. 037_004_03 (Mid Thwart Assembly) contained some errors in the Table of Offsets, which have now been corrected and a replacement drawing issued.

Many thanks to builder Dan Nica for identifying this.

Date posted: Monday, 27 Jan 2014 | Comments (0)

Fleetwood Shipwrecked

Very sad news today from Jack van Ommen – he was shipwrecked near Ibiza and Fleetwood was lost. Miraculously, Jack was able to get ashore unharmed.

He was laying ahull in very heavy weather in the aftermath of a force 9-10, storm waiting for daylight to attempt Ibiza harbor. Fleetwood failed to clear the end of the small island of Tago Mago and was swept on to rocks on the N.E. corner of the island.

More details in Jack's blog at

A 30 year voyage is over – a new one begins.
Date posted: Thursday, 21 Nov 2013 | Comments (0)

First of the EasyBuild Range!

I'm very happy to say that the plans for the first design in the new EasyBuild Range – No. 155 EasyBuild 4.5 half-decker – are now available to download online.

A lot went into this design. The first of a completely new range of boats. The first to come in a single all-inclusive package of "standard" plans, CNC cutting files and new enhanced plans for self-cutting parts if that is what a builder wants to do.

As with anything brand new there are a few things still to do. As of now, not all the build instructions are completely finished. And there are still a couple of plans to finish. But other than that, she is ALL DONE!!!.

I am also very encouraged to see that several sets of plans have been sold in the first few days of being available. And reports back from potential builders are very positive – about the plans, the unprecedented level of detail they contain, and most importantly the boat herself.

For truly, plans are nothing if the boat isn't just right.

Date posted: Wednesday, 16 Oct 2013 | Comments (1)