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Server Problems posted in News
A sad day for the UK posted in The Odd Word
Traditional Clinker Plans for Design 073 now available. posted in Design
RealCADD posted in The Odd Word
More 165 Instructions and drawings posted in Design
Design 165 Plans Page Reorganized posted in Design
Design 165 Plans posted in Design
Design No. 165 posted in Design
Spritsail Rig for Design 035 posted in Design
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Server Problems

The company that hosts had a serious mysql server problem and data became corrupted – which basically means that we have lost all database entries from 9th July to 29th September 2016.

So any member who registered between these dates is no longer registered. And members who purchased designs in that period will no longer be able to access them.

Ironically, automatic backups are created every 90 days and the next backup was due on the 1st October – so this problem couldn't really have come at a worse moment in respect of lost data.

So if you were a member prior to 9th July 2016, but purchased plans in the period 9th July to 29th September, and can on longer access them, please let me know and I will add them back to your Design Portfolio.

If you became a member between 9th July and 29th September and purchased plans, pleas let me know and i will re-instate your membership and access to the plans you bought. You will need to give me your UserName; I will issue a temporary password.

And if you became a member, but did not purchase plans, also let me know and I will re-instate your membership. You will need to give me your UserName; I will issue a temporary password.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We will be taking steps to make a local backup of our database more frequently than the 90 days which the server does. We had been under the impression that the server backup was a continuous process, rather like Apple's Time Capsule – we were wrong ...

Date posted: Friday, 30 Sep 2016 | Comments (0)

A sad day for the UK

Vast sadness at the Brexit vote.

I've always though of myself as a European – now suddenly I wake up to find I'm soon not going to be one any more.

A horrible campaign ridden with lies, deceit and misinformation. An understandable but misguided – and in the end, useless – protest against the non-caring elite.

Very depressing ...
Date posted: Tuesday, 28 Jun 2016 | Comments (0)

Traditional Clinker Plans for Design 073 now available.

073This boat has been built many times as originally designed, in ply/epoxy lapstrake on three thwart modules.

But she has also been built in a variety other construction methods:

Cold-moulded on laminated frames.
Frameless cold-moulded on a plug.
Traditional clinker.
Ply/epoxy lapstrake on laminated frames.
Solid timber epoxy glued lapstrake on laminated frames.

In fact there are more construction versions of this boat than any of our other designs!

I'm happy to say that, following a request from a US builder of this boat, the plans for the traditional clinker version are now included in the downloadable Design Package, alongside the original ply lapstrake plans and cold-moulded on laminated frames versions.

Also, here is a very nice article in Watercraft magazine about the clinker-built "Anemone" (opens a new PDF window).

Date posted: Sunday, 26 Jun 2016 | Comments (0)


RealCADD is the 2D CAD program that I use for all the drawings of my designs. And I also use it to produce the CNC cutting files.

RealCADD is written and maintained by Eric Pousse, who is based in France. It is not an expensive program, but it is very richly featured, accurate and easy to use. I really enjoy using it.

RealCADD lacks a good English manual, so I have been working on producing one – in between boat design.

Anyway, it's basically done now and available at for anyone who's interested!

Cheers -- George
Date posted: Friday, 22 Apr 2016 | Comments (0)

More 165 Instructions and drawings

I keep adding new drawings for this design at regular intervals.

And recently I have added Instructions 3 – which are for making the frames, floors and transom on the the ply sandwich version.

And Instructions 4 for the laminated version, which take builders up to hull completion (both lapstrake and cold-moulded)

Cheers -- George
Date posted: Friday, 22 Apr 2016 | Comments (0)

Design 165 Plans Page Reorganized

On the suggestion of one of the builders of this boat, I have reorganized the Plans Download page for this design, to show the Issue Dates for each plan.

I hope this will make it easier for builders of the design to check for updates to existing plans and issue of further plans.

As with any developing design, plans are completed and issued gradually and there are inevitably new issues of earlier plans to cope with errors, changes and so on.

The most recent addition is the instructions for assembling the frames, floors and transom, from CNC cut parts (165_002_003).

With boats in build both from conventional laminated structures and ply sandwich structures from CNC cut parts, there are getting to be a lot of plans – 126 of them at the last count!
Date posted: Saturday, 26 Dec 2015 | Comments (0)

Design 165 Plans

New plans are being added for this design every week.

I haven't been able to email No 165 builders directly (because I haven't had the time to code up a means of doing so).

But for anyone who has bought 165 plans, it is worthwhile checking back every week to see new plans added.

I will be making a better system, so that builders are automatically emailed when a new plan is posted and can easily identify new plans rather than having to scroll through them all, to see which are new.

But for the moment – check back frequently! There are currently over 120 plans for this boat and growing ...

Date posted: Thursday, 10 Dec 2015 | Comments (0)

Design No. 165

165165Latest plans issued for this design include a sloop rig and a cutter rig sail plan; and drawings for the main hatch.

All the CNC cutting files (for the doghouse version) are on site too in DXF format. At the moment, these come included free with the standard design package.

Several of these boats are building now and there is a slideshow on site showing one of them (in build in Australia). I've just added the latest photos to this, which show the foredeck all fitted and the cockpit under construction.

Date posted: Wednesday, 23 Sep 2015 | Comments (0)

Spritsail Rig for Design 035

For one of these small sailboats in build in South Africa, we have just designed a spritsail rig. This provides a smaller loose-footed main (no boom) and a small jib set out on a very short bowsprit.

This particular project is to give sailing lessons to local people, many of whom are disadvantaged.

The spritsail rig, with its two smaller sails and no boom to dodge is ideal for this purpose and there is the added advantage of a small sail for a crew member to control as part of the learning process.

The new sail plan can be found on the 035 plans page – scroll down to the bottom of the list of plans for the Spritsail Rig Plans.
Date posted: Thursday, 06 Aug 2015 | Comments (0)


Recently I have issued corrections to drawings for both Design 055 and 073.

On Design 055 there were a couple of incorrect dimensions on the Jig drawing; the current drawing 055/003/04 i03 is the corrected issue.

On Design 073, there were not any dimensional errors but some of the drawings were mis-labeled in the title boxes. These have also been corrected.

I am very grateful to builders who point these errors out to me, so that I can correct them.

I make the point in the instructions with every design that if something seems wrong it may not be you, the builder, at fault or not understanding – it can just as easily be me who is in error. There are literally thousands and thousands of pieces of data that go into even quite a small design and errors do creep in however careful one tries to be. And self-checking everything is never very easy.

So please do let me know if something seems wrong, inconsistent or unclear.


Date posted: Thursday, 06 Aug 2015 | Comments (0)